3 Things You Need To Be Successful In Social Media for 2019

By Shaun Whynacht | Blog

Feb 09

This post was transcribed from my Milkrun Podcast Episode Below

How do I find the time to do social media marketing Well, this episode we're going to break it down into three things, three important things when it comes to your marketing, not only in social media but mostly in social media, but in anything you do online, and I'm going to give it the acronym of TAR and that's going to stand for Time, Authenticity and Results. So let's, let's tackle the first one, the big time. Now we had a client give us a question of how do I find the time to create the content and that's really what spawned this episode here. Now when I say time, it's you need to figure out how important it is for you to get results with your social media. And by that I mean do you really feel that you want to commit the resources to get results

Because if you're not willing to give the resources, if you're not willing to schedule your time, there's the T, your time to create content, you're not going to get the results. We're in an age now where people are expecting content to come out through social media. We can't exactly just be posting for the sake of posting and expect to have people just flocked to our business and call us the phone to ring just because we shared a blog post either that we wrote or, or that somebody else wrote, unexpected happen. We need to be there and we need to be there consistently. We need to be there authentically or whatever that word authentically on. There's another word for it. But, uh, I'll stumble over that through that, but we need to be there in our authentic nature. We're going to talk about that next, uh, for us to get the results.

So I have a client who has, has really grabbed a hold of this and what they've done is they schedule a morning, once a month to go in and shoot videos. They shoot videos for different content that comes up. They do a weekly show that they roll out, so they shoot for those and then you know, if they're doing any kind of lead magnets or lead generation, they'll shoot those videos as well. Um, but it doesn't need to be a high production value. I mean, it, it could be just that you're going to pull out your cell phone, you're going to shoot for videos and you're going to schedule them to go out. But the key is that you need to make the time. If you sit around and say, okay, I'm going to do it when I have a free moment, you know what happens.

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You don't ever have that free moment because this type of stuff, if you're not used to doing it, is always going to get shuffled in the bottom of the pile. And if you're anxious opponent, you're nervous about it. You're shy about creating content. Again, you're going to try everything in your power to push that aside. You need to look at your social media as if it is your number one client. You're not going to put off your number one client. You're not going to put off your number one customer, so why don't we do it in our social media. It's just because it's something that we're just seeing as evolving so fast that you're busy in your business doing the things that you do, that you're, you're not really aware of what needs to be done next. And that's why you rely on other experts that are out there.

And that's why you hire consultants such as us to help you keep abreast of these types of changes that are happening. Um, so the number one thing that I want you to think about is scheduling some time, whether you want to do it weekly, whether you want to do a biweekly or monthly. Obviously if you're going to do it monthly, you're going to need to schedule a bigger block of time because you need to be creating content. You know, your business, you know what's happening out there. Uh, and this is not the episode where we're going to come up with what type of topic ideas or how to do that. That's going to be coming up in future episodes. But we're really focusing on you making a commitment to your business and maybe that's scheduling some time also to learn how to do certain things, so if you want to figure out how to shoot a video, we want to figure out how do you create some graphics or things like that in your business or what type of things you need to write about.

Social media doesn't have to be hard. Those who dedicate time to their social accounts will see the most success.

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