How a podcast can help your brand

By Shaun Whynacht | Blog

Feb 24

I know you have heard of a podcast. In fact you probably even listened to them before.  But why should you have one?  You see a podcast simply a different medium to your content. Much like a blog, a podcast is a way for you to inform, education and build and audience.

It's just done with audio.

When you have a podcast it doesn't have to stand alone.  There are many ways to take the effort you put into your podcast and cross it over to other mediums in your marketing.

For example, you record a podcast interview with a guest, then you take that 20 minute episode audio and upload it to, for $20 they will transcribe it to text.  Then take that text and turn it into a blog post.

14 Podcast Listening Behaviours

Take some quotes from the text and turn them into social media graphics to promote your brand and your podcast.

In addition..

Do 12 of these over a year, then take the transcribed audio and put it together as an e-book that now becomes a lead magnet to generate leads.  Run them into your ActiveCampaign CRM and nurture those leads to buy your products or services.


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Podcasting is an adventure that can become a great opportunity for you.  One in which you should embrace and be excited to journey down.

Keep in mind, you're not going to get overnight success.  In fact the #1 killer of new podcasts is impatience.  What I mean by that is the majority of new podcasters give up after 7-8 episodes because they think that it's not giving them a return.  

It's the long game, this means that your episodes live on and stick around, so your ROI on this will snowball once you get known,

But how do you create a great podcast?

That's a great question and in fact it's one that many people have had.  Back in 2018, I was asked to do a webinar on this very topic for Infusionsoft partners, so I wanted to give you access to this webinar reply below.

Podcast Webinar Replay

If you're looking for someone to consult and advise on the production of your podcast, I'm always available to produce it with you.  

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