Why I Recommend ScheduleOnce To All My Serious Clients

By Shaun Whynacht | Blog

Mar 04

The increase in the usage of online scheduling is rapidly growing month by month.  Business owners are seeing the importance and value in providing clients and prospects the convenience of booking a meeting time with them at their leisure.

In addition to this value add to the client/prospect, you'll also see the amount of time saved by not having to go back and forth in email and phone tag just to narrow down a meeting time.

Sounds great right?  Well I can say first hand it is.  

Over the years I have used half a dozen of the most common scheduling systems out there.  It wasn't until I was introduced to the team at ScheduleOnce while attending a conference in Arizona back in 2015 that I became a fan, user and heavy advocate of their platform.

Not all scheduling systems are created equal and you have to take into consideration the different features to really evaluation what is right for you.

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Now I do heavily recommend it, but there are other options if you don't need all the feature.  If you just need 1 booking link and no integration with a CRM, then Calendly would be a good options for you.

Now back to ScheduleOnce.  They have just released a feature called: InviteOnce


InviteOnce is a game changer in my opinion. It gives you one-off scheduling options for clients and prospects without needing to set up a whole scheduling link in ScheduleOnce.

They created a video to explain it and you can see it here:

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